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Need New Hearing Aids? Why You Should Upgrade To Digital

If you currently use analog hearing aids and they are old and getting run down, you should upgrade to digital hearing aids. Even though analog works fine to provide you with the hearing you need digital hearing aids offer many benefits, three of which are listed below.

Cuts Through the Noise 

When you are trying to listen to a conversation in a crowded room, the background noise easily takes over. It is then difficult to hear what the person is saying. The same thing goes if you are in a busy area with a lot of noise and your phone rings. You will have a difficult time hearing the caller. With digital hearing aids all background noise is cut out, so you only hear what you want to hear. It is also very beneficial as you have to make no manual adjustments yourself as your hearing aids will automatically adjust on their own to the level of hearing that you need.

These hearing aids can do this because they have a noise canceling filter installed inside the hearing aids. This filter prevents the background noise from coming through and getting to your ears.

Offers Comfort

With analog hearing aids you hear buzzing and whistling sounds at times. With digital hearing aids, these sounds have just about disappeared making them more comfortable to you. The reason these hearing aids can do this is that they have more channels, lower compression thresholds and a specific signal band dependence. You may hear no background noise at all and if you do it will be very faint. 

Hearing no background noise also helps you have more focus on things you are doing, which is especially important if you are doing intricate work that demands your attention. 

Designed for Your Hearing

Digital hearing aids are programmed using a software that allows the audiologist to set the hearing aid to suit your hearing needs. Even though there are analog hearing aids that can be programmed, programming with digital hearing aids is much more fine-tuned. 

Another benefit of this is if the hearing aids are not working well for you the program can easily be adjusted to make changes to allow you to hear better. 

Talk with an audiologist about digital hearing aids and they can give you information on how they work, as well as tell you of other benefits you will find with them. The audiologist can also answer any questions you may have to help you make your decision.

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