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Home Dialysis Myths Patients May Believe

Individuals that are suffering from kidney problems may find that their body is no longer able to effectively filter out the harmful toxins that it produces. For these individuals, dialysis treatments may become a regular part of life, but they may be extremely ill-informed about these treatments when they are first recommended.

Myth: Dialysis Must Be Done Multiple Times A Day

New dialysis patients may be under the impression that this is something that will have to be done multiple times a day. However, it is usually possible for patients to go up to several days without these treatments. The exact time between sessions will be determined by the medical needs of the patient along with the particular type of dialysis that is done.

Myth: Home Dialysis Is Only For Patients That Are Near Death

Making trips to the dialysis clinic can be one of the more inconvenient aspects of needing this treatment. For those that live in rural areas, this can be particularly problematic as the nearest dialysis clinic may be a lengthy drive away. Luckily, home dialysis is a convenient option for patients with all but the most intense dialysis needs.

Myth: Insurance Will Always Refuse Coverage For Home Dialysis

Home dialysis will typically be more costly than visiting a clinic, which can lead to individuals automatically dismissing this option due to insurance restrictions. However, there are many insurance policies that will provide coverage for in-home dialysis services. This is particularly true when the patient has issues that will make it difficult or impossible to be able to visit the dialysis clinic on a regular basis. For many of these policies, there will be higher deductibles or lower limits for home dialysis, but it can still provide patients with financial support for the treatments that they need.

 Myth: It Is Difficult To Maintain A Home Dialysis Machine

As part of using home dialysis services, you will need to have one of these machines in your home. Many patients will be concerned at the thought of needing to care for this complex and highly expensive machine. However, the only work that patients are expected to do is to regularly clean the system. While these systems will require some mechanical servicing, this should always be done by the provider. Furthermore, any performance problems or other issues should be directed to the provider. Individuals attempting to repair or tinker with these machines are more likely to cause serious damage than to repair the system or make an improvement.

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